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Hi all, I'm the leadguitar player from the hardrock band Incision from the Netherlands and we have just finished recording all music for our first demo cd.

The mixing and mastering should be done in a few weeks at best, and after that it's ready to roll out the door!

It's been a long road for us getting to this point due to a revolving door of muscisians and the constant touring through out 2010 and 2011.

But we finally pulled ourselfs together and recorded some shit!

on our website: http://www.incision.nl you can view some of the progress (on the intro site there is a small link to a page that was created during recording - Note is only in dutch) but on http://incision.nl/mediademonl.html you can view some photo's we took.

we'll be performing through out 2012 with some new bands we haven't had the luxury of playing and city's we forgot last year! But we're aiming on over topping ourselfs and be out there for the entire year!

A music video is in the works! we've already tapped a producer for it who is willing to help us with it! it's gonna be huge! and probably with some Jeremy Clarkson kinda explosions... or whatever Tongue

Here's a video from on of our gigs we did with Ac/Dc tribute band: Highway to Rosie, this is us performing our rocksong Insanity! so you can check out what we do kinda.

thank you all whom we might have met along the way in holland and we hope to see more of you out there later on!

- We might go to Belgium and Germany later this year... but that's still in baby steps!

so thank you!





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