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  1. She cut the stream when they started rehearsing Hard Skool
  2. Or the start, or encore I think. After or before nightrain would be killer
  3. I think the photo is just fake. Or at least the info regarding HS. As to why would gnr or Axl. Take the risc with being infected or becoming a host for covid in an entourage of hundreds of people that work for gnr on stage or behind.
  4. I'd like to know that two, think Robin won't mind having Slash play his parts or Richard for that But I do wonder what Ron thinks or Tommy.
  5. I love the song, and they made it more rocker type. Love the way axl sings it. Should do that with more songs. Pick the lower frequencies
  6. This is for you downloading motherfuckers. Easy enough
  7. Don't say the yt thing, it will be deleted now
  8. Is it me, or is the audio n vid out of sync a slight bit. It bothered me!!
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