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  1. Gotta give them props for listening to us and choosing Houston as the show. Have only scrolled through this but Axl sounded great in 2016. Not his prime by any means but in 2011 onwards easily some of his best. Was a pretty decent time to be a Guns fan, can’t believe this was already 4 years ago. While this band has fallen on some tough times recently, Credit where credit is due, Fernando or whoever listening to Requests for a show we’ve all wanted.
  2. Throw a better solo on Hard Skool and refine it a bit and I think this song makes my top 10 GNR song.
  3. If Axl wanted to release new music, there would be new music out. It’s been 12 years. It’s obviously not a priority for him, end of story.
  4. It’s very clear the band is going to need/want money during the next year or so before states can open up again and they can tour, so what better way to do so than release some new music while people are trapped in their homes?
  5. I feel like at this point it has been so long that not even May would be able to tell you if he played on this song or not lol
  6. I’m convinced it’s Finck as well. The fact that people confuse it for May’s work only speaks to how secretly skilled and talented Finck actually is, in my opinion.
  7. The guitar solo in “Perhaps” is one of the best GNR solos, and for me I would place it in at least the top 5.
  8. At this point I’m convinced that the Lebeis family, after years of telling Axl he still sounds amazing, have bought into their own lie and can’t tell the difference anymore. I can’t understand why they’re choosing some of Axl’s worst performances and why they would highlight YCBM and SCOM in the same video, along with choosing SCOM for the Super Bowl show. I almost wouldn’t highlight YCBM period, I know it’s a classic but it’s embarassing at this point and shouldn’t even be in the setlist. Actual video, sound was way better than last week. Slither pro shot is exciting. I just wish Ax
  9. Do you think Metallica could share with Guns how they release new music now a days? They seem to have found the secret. According to Slash there’s just no real way to do it now.
  10. Guess all the bad in the world has finally ceased and Fernando is in a position to approve releases again
  11. This band will just take any excuse not to release anything new and run with it as long as they can.
  12. This would definitely line up with how 2020 is going so far.
  13. Tell them to stop rereleasing old stuff and please, please focus on new music
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