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  1. The stuff is Hard Skool and Absurd double release. That’s all we’re getting for a while. Enjoy it or don’t, I seriously think that’s it for now.
  2. I wonder how many SMKC albums were gonna get before a new GNR album.
  3. Man this song is probably the most “okay” track I’ve ever listened to. Myles is boring and his voice sounds weird with the mix. I genuinely think Absurd is a better song than this. Not a bad song but something I think any commercial, generic rock band could create.
  4. Can’t wait for everyone in interviews to be like “music never sells…there’s no market for new music” regarding a new album despite them doing fuck all in promotion. We all know that excuse coming.
  5. Slash is a genius- he found a way to release new music in this current age, somehow. He should introduce this idea to that other band he’s in.
  6. My biggest fear is that the single comes out in what, 6 months? Are they really going to have that be a choice and than an album drops out of nowhere while we’re waiting for that?? Would this album be late 2022 then? The HS single release fucks all of that in my opinion.
  7. Silkworms was not a throwaway, to Axl at least. Maybe in the eyes of fans, which is fair, but Axl played it live 4 times in 2001 and was always pretty excited about it, and said he wanted to release it as a single many times. I don’t think it was a throwaway in his eyes.
  8. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m sure a new album will happen eventually but let’s not try to look into stuff like this, it probably means nothing. I’d expect another single or two in a few years before an album, there’s just no proof to say an album is actually on the way.
  9. I prefer @RussTCB’s merch more. The giant circles are off putting to me
  10. Shit like this is why Axl’s always going to be an enigma. A reunion on the horizon in 2016 and he ditched going on live TV at the last minute. Not showing up for the remembrance of a beloved musician. I’d love to be a fly on the inside of Axl’s house
  11. Was honestly a pretty good tour. I’ll miss this band until next year. Rock on GNR
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