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  1. Axl on I Feel Good sounded more like vintage Axl than almost every song performed over the NITL tour. And that’s really fucking odd if you ask me. But it made for a great performance in my opinion.
  2. I have. I gave up on them before the pandemic though. The few 2020 shows showed no signs of new music (with the exception of hard school which doesn’t confirm an album or even a single release) and appeared to be a continuation of NITL. If new music wasn’t gonna happen at any point from 2019 to now it’s never gonna happen period in my opinion. Axl is approaching 60. It’s over in my opinion.
  3. Hardschool technically is a new song and could signal a new album. But yeah it’s hard to be excited about shows without the purpose of releasing new music. However hard school is one of my favorite GNR tracks as unpopular as that may be and I would really love to hear it performed at some point. Axl didn’t sound too hot from what we heard but I LOVED the instrumental changes, I think it sounded amazing personally.
  4. I’ve been kind of whatever about Guns since the leaks last year anyways. I kinda took them as CD II and closure on some of the tracks we thought we’d never hear, and accepted the band was dead creatively. Once the pandemic hit I already had no expectations, so 2020 wasn’t anything better or worse than I had already expected from a creatively bankrupt and stale band.
  5. Slap an actual solo on Hard School and tinker with it (similar to the leaked 2020 rehearsal) and you have one of my favorite Guns songs possibly ever. I think it’s catchy and a great rocker and I think it’s a shame it was never released.
  6. Wasn’t there supposed to be dates in late 2020 for SA? I assume they got cancelled as they should’ve (they should’ve never been announced) but don’t remember seeing that official announcement or if I’m crazy and just misremembering this entirely.
  7. Did the pandemic destroy the band? Big things were apparently in the works for this year, potentially new music, maybe a few deep cuts played at the very least. All the dates were cancelled and I imagine the rescheduled ones will. A return to normalcy for the music industry is 2022 earliest experts say. Axl will be 60 by the time all this ends. Is this the final straw for an already nearing creatively bankrupt band? Will we see them again after all this? Will this be used as an excuse for the lack of music for the rest of the bands lifetime if they come back?
  8. Gotta give them props for listening to us and choosing Houston as the show. Have only scrolled through this but Axl sounded great in 2016. Not his prime by any means but in 2011 onwards easily some of his best. Was a pretty decent time to be a Guns fan, can’t believe this was already 4 years ago. While this band has fallen on some tough times recently, Credit where credit is due, Fernando or whoever listening to Requests for a show we’ve all wanted.
  9. Throw a better solo on Hard Skool and refine it a bit and I think this song makes my top 10 GNR song.
  10. If Axl wanted to release new music, there would be new music out. It’s been 12 years. It’s obviously not a priority for him, end of story.
  11. It’s very clear the band is going to need/want money during the next year or so before states can open up again and they can tour, so what better way to do so than release some new music while people are trapped in their homes?
  12. I feel like at this point it has been so long that not even May would be able to tell you if he played on this song or not lol
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