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Dublin Show!


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I posted this on GnFnR already but I'm sure most of the names are recognisable so it's relevant here too and I'm sure the mods won't mind.

So who’s planning on going to the Dublin show to throw bottles of piss see Axl’s triumph/last stand (delete as applicable)?

Just got tickets this morning along with Satanisk Slakt and Sleeping Like An Angel and so far we’re also expecting to get Conor, Graeme and Nightrain on the list of attendees. We’re booking an apartment in Dublin for us all to crash at and planning on making a good couple of days of it starting early on the Thursday and leaving Saturday afternoon.

So anybody else that I’ve missed from the area who’s going and fancies hooking up with us for a few beers before the show? Think it would be awesome to get as many involved as possible especially since we’ve managed to coax the Viking away from Sweden much against his better judgement! :lol:

Currently we're travelling from Scotland, England, Northern and Southern Ireland and Sweden and it's gonna be the first time any of us have met so don't be shy if you want to join in anybody. I think it's going to be an awesome couple of days and the more the merrier as far as we're concerned! :D

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