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The solo spots/jams/intros


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I wasn't sure if this merited its own thread or if it should be in the pinned setlist thread. Mods, feel free to merge it to that one.

I finally saw GNR on this tour (twice) and I am ambivalent about the solo spots/jams/intros. I'm gonna assume that they're the same each night, so let's discuss them.

First and foremost, I'd like to single out the Fortus + Bumbefoot duos: the one at the start of the encore, the one before Patience (are they real songs or just instrumental sections they made up?), Another Brick in the Wall and Chip Away. They're absolutely amazing, all of them. Even if they are just interpretations of existing songs, what they do with them is spectacular. They have phenomenal chemistry between the two of them. I've given up on looking forward to a new GNR album in the foreseeable future, but seeing what these two can do makes me really sad that no new music is happening.

Dizzy's Baba solo is also pretty good. Gets the crowd going too (surprisingly, for a piano solo :D), a lot of people were singing along.

I like the short drum solo Frank did during Ron's song (Glad to be Here? I think that's what it's called).

It's nice to have these. They allow Axl breaks and each band member can get a moment in the limelight (except Chris :() and show off their skills. Axl has This I Love for that; well, the whole show really, but that one in particular. That said, they take way too long. WAY too long. It's not even a problem that there's so many of them, it's cool to see a rock band doing something different live rather than just going through the songs on their albums like a record machine, but each of them individually is too lengthy. Even the ones that I like, and especially Brick, take too long. In my opinion the length for each of these should be about the same or slightly longer than the one Axl does before November Rain (I think it's an Elton John tune).

For the negatives I find myself comparing this leg of 'The Tour' with 2010. Ashba's and Richard's solos were VASTLY superior then. Fortus' current solo is not engaging at all, doesn't go anywhere and just sounds like a guitar exercise. And DJ's solo is just a completely uninspired take on what he did two years ago. I loved their solo spots then (Pink Panther, James Bond and Ballad of Death) but now I was simply bored. Might be because they were all actual songs rather than solos and had a coherence to them, but in general they sounded better.

As for Tommy and Ron's lead vocal moments, I love the idea behind it, I'm glad they both get to play their own tunes, but the songs themselves are kinda crap. But I suppose that's down to personal taste in music genres.

So what does everyone else think?

And on second thought, don't merge it with the setlist thread. That thread is done, derailed, and it ain't coming back. I'm all for bringing everybody back and I don't like bans in general but if there's anybody who deserves one it's this MSL dude. He's been derailing loads of threads lately just by virtue of being a complete dick.

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The Maddy, Patience and Paradise jams are them having fun and messing around before the actual songs as they sound kind of similar to the songs. But yes, if they use them at least as an idea for some new songs that'd be killer as I love them. These jams even rival the 07 ones that had a progressive edge to them - they were my fav jams since 07. I'll post that jam later. But the pre maddy jam may be my favorite GnR jam ever and I really hope they record something using that jam.

As for the solo spots I like them. I dont think they are too long, they are 3-4 minutes long and as you mentioned give Axl time to breathe. They are needed and imo not long enough to bore me - but I like them so thats probably why it doesnt bother me.

Found the jam... (they're the same jam split in 2 vids)

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