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Mallorca show relocated to a different venue

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The links are in Spanish but they basically say that the show won´t take place in Son Moix stadium because the Mallorca Football Club says they won´t have enough time to regenerate the grass for the following football competition ( sounds like a huge pile of shit imo) so, the organizers have decided to relocate the show to a place called Son Fusteret. I have no clue about this place but according to the comments under the articles I´ve read the change won´t be too welcome by fans since they consider it a shitty place and they were more excited to attend the show in the stadium.

I don´t know if this is the right place to post it but I think I had to post it here so that the people who are attending the show know about the venue change.

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The "venue" is just like a big parking lot, between a highway and an industrial zone. An awful place, I'm really dissapointed. And no way there can be much more than 10k...

Yes, that´s what I read. Son Moix was a better place for a GNR gig.

What will happen? They already sold 14.000 tickets and the venue don't hold too much people i think.

In the articles they say that the stadium had capacity for 18,000 and that they had sold around 14,000 and that on monday they are going to put more tickets on sale :question: . So, if the new location has a capacity for 10,000 people, what are the organizers going to do?

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The stadium has capacity for 25.000, at least for football matches. Elton John came here a couple of years ago, played in Son Moix and there were around 20.000 people.

I just doubt that article is true, because considering how big is GN'R's production and stage, even if they put up a reduced one, it's impossible to have 14k. It seems to me that they are desperate trying to sell more tickets. I remember in 2010, in Barcelona and Madrid, two cities WAY bigger than Palma, went only 7-8k for the GN'R concerts. Why should be a lot better in a small island like this?

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