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FORUM RULES updated April 2023 to clarify rule about crowdfunding links:

1) Be considerate of other members and their viewpoints when posting. The board is for everyone. No area of the forum (PMs, posts, profile comments, etc) may be used as a tool to abuse, harass or insult other members.

2) Racist and/or homophobic posts or images are not permitted in any section of the forum.

3) No porn.

4) Posting knowingly misleading or false stories about Guns N' Roses, its past or present members is not permitted. When posting news, always include a source to validate the article.

5) Please, don't spam the forum or bump out-dated/irrelevant threads - it's not permitted.

6) Please follow the link guidelines and place all links to other GN'R related forums/sites in the THE JUNGLE section.

7) Multiple accounts are discouraged and can be banned or disallowed at the discretion of staff.

8) Do not post the personal information of band members on the forum, unless it has been publicly made available by the individual.

9) Do not post links to or share officially released media of any kind on the forum. Unreleased media, such as potential "leaks" will be removed at the discretion of staff. Requests by band management to remove "leaks" will be fully complied with.

10) Username changes are permitted more than once (within reason). It is at the discretion of staff as to whether a username change request will be accepted or not. For users that have changed their name, it is encouraged to make a note in their signature with their previous identity to reduce confusion amongst members.

11) This is a fan forum for all incarnations of the band and member's side projects. Keep in mind that constructive criticism of the band, members or ex-members is fine; however aimless and continuous bashing/negativity to "troll" other members is not.

12) Try not to take the forum too seriously! Many people with views that differ to your own will post here and we must all somehow co-exist together. Staff members are not your teachers or parents; please take proactive steps to resolve issues or forum dramas with other members via PM before involving forum staff.

13) A "common-sense" approach will be taken to all aspects of moderating content on the site. Posters are asked to co-operate by posting in sections that align to their interests, rather than ruining the sections that do not for others.

14) All admins/moderators have agreed to have a more open and flexible approach to moderating threads, topics and forum members alike. With that said, there will be occasions when warnings are issues and the following guidelines have been discussed and issued:

  • Minor offenses to the forum rules will likely result in either a friendly warning via PM or a suspension. Suspensions can be issued with the following penalty: 1 day - 3 days - 7 days - 14 days and a warning point per infraction. In any instance of a suspension, a moderator must contact the forum member via PM. The moderator is encouraged not to mock any forum member publicly in an attempt to let other members aware of the action taken. It's a private matter.
  • Formal warnings will be issued by 1 point increments only. If a member reaches 5 warning points, they will be automatically banned from the forum with the exception of Club Members who have an addition 1 point leeway.
  • Any member that receives a warning point from a forum moderator has the right of appeal for that warning; this appeal can only be requested once per member and the decision will be made and finalised by downzy or alfierose. It's likely that if a reasonable decision has been made it will be upheld however we want everyone to recognise that moderators are not infallible and they will occasionally make mistakes/errors of judgment. If the  warning is over-turned, the member is not to publicly disclose this on the forum and therefore any member seen to be 'celebrating' this decision will have the right of appeal taken away. (NB - If a member successfully appeals a decision, they still retain the right of another appeal until proven 'frivolous' by the administrators)
  • Depending on the offense, you may receive both a suspension and a warning. In terms of re-registration and "perma bans" - each case will be taken on an individual basis.
  • Cases where a moderator does not need to communicate a warning/suspension/banning to a forum member are related to gross misconduct; usually highlighted in some (not a complete list) of the following: Spammer/sending or posting porn/clear abuse of advertising other online outlets/racial or homophobic abuse or significant general abuse.
  • "Returned" members of the forum have been given special dispensation as a gesture of goodwill by the admin team. This goodwill action is expected to be equally reciprocated by the former banned member and therefore any offense of the forum rules by a "returned" member may result in formal action being accelerated (again, dependent on a number of possible factors).

15) Whilst Club Members will receive additional perks and support from admin/moderators (with more perks being reviewed and added on a constant basis), no Club Members will be immune from the rules outlined above as we have to manage all members fairly, with consistency, at all times.

16) No personal crowdfunding links seeking donations from members. Any posted will be removed by the mod team. There may be rare exceptions to this  rule but they would have to be agreed by Admin staff in advance.

Final rule -- HAVE FUN!!!

Seriously, that's why where all here, regardless of your opinion. So - be respectful of others and ENJOY!

By using the mygnrforum website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stated in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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