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Any animosity towards GnR when they 'made it' ?

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Hi Marc,

Just wanted to ask you about the L.A scene when GnR started really hitting the big time.

Were bands who were level with them, or even ahead of them, in terms of success and popularity, such as Aerosmith / The Cult / Motley Crue etc... pissed off at GnR out of frustration and jealousy? Or were they really cool and supportive about it all ?

Did it change the dynamic between bands, or individuals in other bands, and the Guns' boys because they were once the up and coming band supporting these other acts and then all of a sudden GnR were massive and headlining stadiums. Any particular incidents or individuals that stood out for any hard feelings about Guns N Roses' successes ? Alternatively were there any individuals or bands that stood out with being really gracious and supportive?

Cheers, Scott

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