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  1. Me neither, it is just a bit of a throw away line probably. In reality there are certainly some regional differences. Here in Australia, they really are one of the most popular, biggest crowd-pulling acts on the planet still. Which is impressive. But again, thats a regional difference thing. Rock music is popular here in Australia, rap music much less so. So you could say that Guns n Roses is one of the biggest touring bands in the world, for us Aussies anyway. If you compare them to their contemporarys, even though they rose well above them all, but GnR nowadays pull much bigger crowds than say Def Leppard, Motley Crue and the like who would be lucky to play in front of 5000 these days, compared to 50 000 like GnR do. So they have remarkably stood the test of time, despite how very little they have done creatively for decades.
  2. 1. It would be distracting because you would have a normally functioning band like SMKC releasing singles, releasing music videos, playing live on talk shows, doing interviews on various media platforms (Electronic and Print), while the interviewer would be saying "So how was it back in the studio with Axl Rose after many decades". "Did you and Axl get along well?" "Would Axl turn up to the studio on time to record?" "Did you have many disagreements with the type of input you were able to have on the songs that were already actually written ten years ago" "What the fuck is up with that song Absurd? Did you have to see a Psychologist to get over actually being a part of that abomination?" All the while Slash is going " It was great working with Myles again, and" Interviewer "What about Steven? is he coming back in to the band?" I think you answered your own question directed at me with your point 1. And I reinforced the ridiculousness of it all by expanding on your point 2.
  3. I think you are pretty much right with your view on things. Slash and Axl obviously talk. It would be distracting in general for both parties to be releasing material around the same time as each other, and not optimising sales, which they would care about. So I think the two new GnR songs are an appetiser and just to keep the fans a bit happier, on the hook, until late next year. Otherwise, as usual, we won’t know anything concrete until it’s confirmed by Richard Fortus.
  4. Exactly, and some of the fan photos (so not Kat’s photoshopped shit) he looks in incredible shape. Nobody can say he’s overweight these days.
  5. Exactly, I know we tend to complain a lot about TB but seriously without their support to Axl then who knows if he would even be here? He obviously went through multiple dark phases in his life since the 90’s and people like them, and Del James, have surely propped up Axl’s mental well-being so many times. Not to say they have been perfect, far from it, but he needed someone on his side right?
  6. Yeah, I agree. I love it. Wish they would revert back to that UYI sound. Not Chinese Democracy or any Industrial/Electronic/Rock fusion stuff. A return to classic UYI sound and type-songs would get so much positive attention globally in my opinion, and serve their interests the best with their seemingly endless desire to tour. Axl at the bare minimum can probably punch out great songs like that (UYI type hard rock), with the potential that the odd one or two may actually be incredible now, with Slash and Duff involved.
  7. He looks amazing for a guy in his late 50’s. Good on him, seems happy too which is more important 👍🏻
  8. Probably don’t have the stats available, but it would be interesting to see a breakdown of the age group demographics for the ‘single’ purchases. Like if they broke it down to 15-25yrs, 26-36 yrs, 37-48yrs, 49-59yrs or something like that, to see if Hardskool was in the top 10 for the latter two groups and much lower for the first two groups? Those companies might have that sort of info. I consider myself a big GnR fan but I haven’t purchased it. I just couldn’t be stuffed. I would happily pay $100 for a new album. But for a reworking of an old song released as a new single, nah not for me.
  9. Nice one! I managed to time it right and was driving in the car when the radio station played it here, it was cool to jack up the volume and listen to it loud. It sounded awesome as I only listened to it these past 12 hours on my phone. The boys did a great job re-working this song!
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