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What GNR t-shirts do u have??


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i got two shirts from the UYI tour: first the black one with the yellow and blue cover on it, and on the back the tour dates from the last concerts from 93

then a white shirt with all the members painted on the back and front, and roses covering them and stuff.. and on the back it says "skin n' bones tour 1993"

last but not least i got the jack daniels rip off shirt.. that one kix ass!


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I only have two. One of them is the American flag with the skull and pistols crossed over the front. And the other is a rose border with a cross in the middle with skulls attached ( not the appetite cover, another one) ;D

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i have the one from '93  with the bluy/yellow illusion logo on the front with the tour dates on the back.

the 4 aces shirt,   dates on back

the one with the american flag hanging down,  with the skul and crossbones on the front, dates on back

the coma logo shirt, it has a bunch of wird dates on back from overseas,

an axl one,  with a different pic on front and back

one with the appetite lineup on front, but for some reason it says illusion world tourt '92 on the back

and my favorite,  the blue one from vegas this year

so thats 7

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Revival Time !! Well I finally got 1 again after not having any It's the AFD cover on the Front and on the Back it says Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction in Red N Yellow , got it off ebay , I'm so psyced !  ;D

Peace GnR Nation  8)

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I have the one with the circle logo on the front with the blood around it, and the back says "here today, gone to hell". And i have a Chinsese Democracy shirt the one with the guy with the gas mask on with his fist in the air. And the back says: Chinese Democracy starts now"

Duffan thanks for the post revival!!!

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I got:

-the long sleve dragon/star logo one from the last tour

-the Buckethead one from the last tour

-the one with the chinese dragon thing on the front and tour dates on the back

-a tour shirt from spring 93 skin & bones tour with skeletons on the front (with Gilby)

-one with a small logo (dagger/heart/rose) on the left chest area

-the "makin a fucking fashion statement" shirt from the don't cry/NR video box set.


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this one from my older cousin,,,,,

use your illusion tye die shirt!!

adn the world your 2002 with the yellow tiger on it

I have the tye dye shirt like your cousin, and I was at the Philadelphia show...Shoulda got the I survived Philadelphia 12/6/02...But nooo!  I had to get the one with two dragons on it...Okay, dragons are cool

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