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Comparing Del James' "Without You" to what actually happened to Axl


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Del James wrote the short story Without You after Axl and Erin Everly's marriage fell apart in 1990, and I feel like some of the stuff in the story ended up actually happening to Axl in the years that followed. I'm not trying to signify anything spiritual, I just thought it'd be fun to compare a little.

"Staring into a full-length mirror, the run-down recluse didn't recognize the reflection. Sure, the long blond hair and tattoos gave him away, but he looked so frail."

Axl became a recluse in the mid-to-late 90's who was only recognizable by his hair and tattoos (not really frail, though).

"The dull hum lasted only seconds but the memories of his final show with his former band, Suicide Shift, would never fade."

The band that made this singer famous broke up some time ago. Kinda reminds you of the classic Guns N' Roses, doesn't it?

"The band had been on the road for the better part of fourteen months, over 285 concerts."

After this story was written, GN'R did a 2-and-a-half year long world tour that lasted roughly 200 shows.

"It was Suicide Shift's first headlining tour."

The Use Your Illusion tour was Guns N' Roses's first headlining tour.

"Also in the phone's memory was his record label, his manager, the three members of his current band, the Mayne Mann group(...)"

Technically speaking, Axl's new version of GNR is really his own solo band.

"He knew he had to be in the studio soon but didn't feel up to it. Besides, the recording of his latest album, Alone, had been finished over a month ago. The album was now in the final mixing stages. If Mayne liked what he heard, he'd approve it and the record would be released on schedule. If not, it would have to be remixed until he did approve. So then, what the fuck did they need him for? He procrastinated for as long as he could(...)"

Chinese Democracy.

In conclusion, I'd like to say I'm glad Seymour or Everly didn't commit suicide and I'm glad Rose didn't burn his house down with him in it. I just thought these minor comparisons to what was written in 1990 and what happened in the years after seemed cool.

EDIT: It was only after I posted this when I realized how fucking stupid it was. But I'll leave it just in case it really interests any of you

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Aww, I don't think it's stupid. It's something that I've noticed while rereading the story too.

Thanks. But after doing some research I noticed that even though the story was originally written in 1990 it was only published in 1994 meaning Del probably made some changes to make the story "up-to-date" if you know what I mean. Also, the record being delayed in this story could be a reference to Use Your Illusion rather than a prediction of sorts to Chinese Democracy.

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