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Worth the price?

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I found this on Ebay while looking for rare GNR material and came across this 24k Gold CD and have seen them before-found some by Nine Inch Nails and wanted to collect

most of the gold CDs of course, they'd be hung on my wall and never played.

Worth the price or over hyped?




I am very new to starting a collection on any band really..

tips and pointers would be great.


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Last 2 links are fakes IMO, the first one is worth owning, but you can probably do a lot better on the price. Really need a decent stereo system to appreciate it. Of course also just cool to own and collect, regardless of whether or not you'll listen to it.

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yup, last 2 are fake. those companies do a gold record for your band if ya want. they are not awards.

first one is really cool, even got diferente booklet from regular cd, but is very exagerated the price.

if you look regularly, youll get them for less than 100 usd, sometimes near 50 usd.

illusions usually get higher prices, afd too, but it depends.

got my lies for 50 usd, afd for 60, uyi1 for 80, and uyi2 for...32!!!!! that was cheap :)

have to keep na eye

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