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Rival Sons talking about making the fans wait for new music.


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Interview with guitarist Scott Holiday from Rival Sons.

When do you start working on the next record?

"We plan to be in the studio in January to record our next record. This whole two-year album cycle thing that people have worked for the last ten years is ridiculous. Who can live like that? What fan wants to live with one record from their favorite band for two years? What band wants to live on a record for two years? That’s weak shit right there! We’re excited to minimally do two records a year and just go for it."


:takethat:I guess Scott isn't a Axl fan.

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Every band does things differently. Albums used to be out every year by a band, sometimes two or tree times, but they were usually half hour length, but they were also putting out singles that weren't on the album. Some of the greatest songs ever made were one hit wonders and no one bought their albums.

Now a band can release an "album" where time length of a song isn't an issue or how many songs aren't an issue. This means if someone wants to do 7 songs or 50 songs, it's up to them on what comes out.

They're right about 2 year album and tours, but I just think that ties into making money on the road and trying to cover large and small cities worldwide plus award shows and festival gigs.

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