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Its one of those movies where before you have seen it youre thinking its just about the bum secks in the woods cause that's all you ever hear about, just like you could be forgiven for thinking 2001 is all about HAL.

Definitely. I remember before I saw it it was all these stories about it being sicker than you could ever think, which really isn't true. Psychologically, it really fucks with you, but the actual sick stuff is minimal. Also, the rape comes about an hour in, probably earlier, so its certainly not the climax. Everytime I watch it I come out thinking all this deep stuff, and thats certainly because of more than just the rape.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone remember why this was such a starring vehicle for Burt Reynolds? I've been told this is what really put him on the map, yet he's really not in it all that much. At least he becomes pretty nonexistent in the second half. He's great for what he's in, I'm just surprised so many people would target him as the second star over Beatty.

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Guest Len B'stard


Grew up in the South.

Country Folk are a way of life...

You don't half say some fucking stupid things sometimes Sunny, as much as i love you :lol: I don't think it's the 'country folk' bit that troubles people :lol:

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