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German's pairs figure skating team skated to Guns N' Roses

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Watch out David Hasselhoff, it seems that Germans love Axl Rose too.

Germany’s husband-and-wife pairs figure skating team — Maylin and Daniel Wende — skated to an instrumental version of Guns N’ Roses 1992 hit November Rain during Thursday’s team competition in Sochi.


The Wendes had a a fine routine that was good enough for sixth place in the team competition. Their main slip-up was a timing error on their side-by-side triple toe loops.

The ochestral arrangement is from German pop violinist David Garrett.

Needs more Stephanie Seymour.

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Damn! I missed it since I'm not that much into figure skating. And nobody told me. :(


I was lucky enough to watch the replay. It was so beautiful that God came down from heaven, everybody stood up and put their right hands on their heart, and children started dancing in the hallways. :) Although skating to the original would've been better. :)

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