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Camper Van Joyriders Destroy Little Girl's Faith in Santa Claus!


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Now first of all I realise that this is bad and I know I shouldn't laugh. There is however something about the thought of three grown men stealing a camper van dressed in Christmas onsies destroying a little girl's faith in Santa Claus that amuses me endlessly. :lol:

Good old Middlesbrough, never ceases to amaze me! :lol:

Stockton camper van joyriders in Christmas onesies ran family off road and wrecked retired man's 'pride and joy'

A joyrider wearing a Christmas onesie and a Santa hat laughed as he ran a family off the road in a retired mans pride and joy camper van.

The driver left a four-year-old girl thinking he really was Santa Claus, and that Father Christmas was a bad person, a court heard.

Graeme Hill, Andrew Calvert and Daniel McGahern took a retired mans cherished VW camper van while he was out for a walk. He had parked it in a lay-by on Dugdale Street, Stockton at 8am. He returned to find it gone, with broken glass on the ground.

A woman heard an engine roaring and revving as she walked her dog with her two children, aged four and six, on a narrow track near Holme House Prison.

She saw a white van driven towards her and the children at speed, prosecutor Jenny Haigh told Teesside Crown Court. Fearing for her safety and the two children, she pushed the four-year-old up the embankment. She shouted at the older child to get up the bank.

All three men in the van were wearing Christmas onesies as it passed her at about 9.15am on November 23 last year.

The driver, Hill - wearing a Santa hat - laughed and said to her Get out of the path along with a racial insult.

The mum and the four-year-old fell over as they dashed out of the way, covering the child in mud.

A loud bang was heard as the van crashed into a tree. Flames were seen inside the van.

Hill got out saying: Get it lit. Get it lit. He then shouted abuse at the woman and urinated in front of her.

The police arrived and arrested the three drunken men. Passenger Calvert had a cigarette lighter.

Driver Hill was three times the legal alcohol limit. He also told officers he had taken cocaine.

The four-year-old believed she did see Santa Claus and is very upset and thinks Santa Claus is a bad person, added Ms Haigh.

The owner of the van had repaired, upgraded and cared it for seven years. He said it was his pride and joy which he lovingly looked after and its loss robbed him of some of his independence.

The three Stockton men in the dock had all admitted aggravated vehicle taking. Hill, 22, of Bridport Close, and Calvert, 31, of Lamport Close, also admitted arson. Hill admitted drink driving, driving without insurance or a licence and racially aggravated harassment.

Hill had 18 previous offences on his record while Calvert had 34.

McGahern, 28, of Ladyport Green, was not involved in setting fire to the van and had no previous convictions, the court was told.

Duncan McReddie, defending Hill and Calvert, said the men went out to have a days enjoyment dressed slightly outrageously but things spiralled out of control. Both men bitterly regret what happened, he said. It was a stupid and unpleasant series of actions.

Zoe Passfield, defending McGahern, said he did not remember a great deal of what happened.

He had far too much to drink, she said. It was also the first time in his life he had taken cocaine.

She added McGahern has since altered his associations.

Judge Peter Armstrong said: This stemmed from what was no doubt intended as a light-hearted night out. But what followed wasnt.

The vehicle was driven in such a way, it is partly good fortune no one was injured or killed.

Hill and Calvert were both jailed for 20 months, with Hill banned from driving for three years. McGahern was given a 12-month prison sentence suspended for two years. He was also given a three-month curfew between 7pm and 7am.


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