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I Got My JuJu Hounds Tshirt 21 Years Later

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Purchased from Mean Bone for a very reasonable price, arrived in a timely manner and in good condition - so many thanks. When I wear it people will ask who the hell that band is, and I will be depressed.

Back of the shirt says First World Tour 1993 - and that's just fucking sad, because there should've been a second and third.

Still - happy to have it, 21 years later. I remember watching the Shuffle It All video as I wrote my graduate thesis and prepped for my graduate finals. It's mixed up in my memory with Beavis and Butthead and the final days of the Branch Davidian complex (I'm in Houston.)

Izzy. First, last, always.

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Just watched Shuffle it all video and man does izzy just radiate coolness. All the other members are definitely badass's but izzy looks like he just has this like all natural coolness that he's had since birth. Shit he was too cool for the coolest band in the world at the time they were at there most cooliest! :D

Great song also

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