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Love Songs


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I hate love songs and I hate lovers

I hate everything that I can't have so I hate you

I hate movies with happy endings

Like the one I saw where all the girls were beautiful like you

I hate wet dreams and masturbation

I hate everything that feels good like sex with you

And I hate flowers and little birdies

Makes me wanna puke when I see something cuddly like you

I'm bored with your insanity

I'm too tired to stick it out for eternity

You took the very best of me

Fell in love push came to shove

And you broke so easily

I love hate songs about mass destruction

Other people's pain takes my mind off you

And I love puppies when they're roadkill

They're too cute to live too cute to live like you

I hate love songs

I hate love

I hate love so I hate you :P

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