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A Candid Message to the InternetScum from DJ Ashba

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Is that what happened when he beat up that hotel maid, or was that a houseplant? I can't quite remember with all the awesome "stories" he shares to make himself look "Big N' Tough" despite looking like a 13 year old emo girl.

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“Me and Axl kicked the living shit out of this dude.

“He snuck into this private aftershow party that was just held for the band and the crew. He was a drunk obnoxious big dude – he walks in and he’s telling everyone he’s our tour manager. We’re like, ‘What the fuck?’

“He actually punched one of our tour managers. I saw it, so I grabbed the guy by his throat and slammed him up against the wall and I said, ‘You need to leave now.’

“I walked him over to the door, but he turned round and punched me in the face. I just started unloading on him. Axl saw him hit me and flipped, and jumped in.

“We’re stomping this guy to a pulp – but it was all in good fun.

“What’s funny about it is, about three hours later we get done partying, and the guy’s still sitting in the lobby. We walk up and he apologises for being a douchebag, then he asks if he can get pictures and autographs with us.

“So we’re taking pictures with this bloody mess of a guy we literally kicked the shit out of.

“It was all good – we laughed about it in the end and he even laughed. He was like: ‘Yeah, it was my fault, I was being a total dick.’

“It was just a funny moment.”

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