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The Lego thread


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I mean, why not? - They've already taken over the world

I don't play legos or buy them, I'm 28, I haven't played with Lego since I was a kid but that said, I did enjoy that Lego Simpsons episode 'Brick Like Me', I actually saw it before I saw the Lego Movie (2014).

I remember stumbling across videos for Back to the Future Legos on YouTube and also recently, walking past the Legos in the supermarket; a lot of movies, now.

I haven't been to Legoland.

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We have a box of the Classic set under our coffee table. It's really for guests to help themselves to if it makes them feel more comfortable.

I'm sorry, what? :lol:


There's nothing wrong with that.

You Sir, have got a dirty mind...

(How I envy you).

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