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RUMOR: First possible reunion gig?

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Stumbled across this today. Take it for what it's worth.

Guns N’ Roses’ First Rumored Reunion Show

James Young, the owner of Melbourne’s rock and roll Cherry Bar, revealed a major Guns N’ Roses rumor last Friday (August 21st), the day before Slash revealed that he had reconciled with Axl Rose. Young told Triple M Radio, as transcribed by Alternative Nation:

“I heard the most amazing rumor this week, from a very well informed heavy hitter in the Australian music industry, giving me the name of the headline act for Soundwave next year. Now we know that a mystery band has come in and saved the festival, and now owns it, so they they are going to have a big say. So what mega band could it be? Well I have heard ‘fantasized’ on Wednesday night that it will be: Steven Adler, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagen, Slash and Axl Rose, the reformation of the original 1987 Appetite for Destruction Guns N’ Roses lineup, can you believe it? It’s incredible, I’ve had sleepless nights fantasizing about it.”

While this is obviously just a rumor that Soundwave is courting Guns N’ Roses, the timing is interesting since the radio show aired the day before Slash’s interview about Axl Rose came out. Check out our Top 10 Reasons Guns N Roses Will Reunite article from yesterday, which has additional news on why GNR are destined to reunite.

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