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Silver/Supporter Member Group Closing February 1st


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Please be advised that MYGNRFORUM will be closing the Silver/Supporter member designation on Monday, February 1st.

We have kept the Silver/Supporter designation open for all of 2015 but with the introduction of the Members Club it's now time to end the Supporter/Silver group. We thank you for the previous support and we hope you're interested in joining the Members Club.

As a special promotion, we're offering a 33 percent discount for current Silver/Supporter members on digital subscriptions, and $5 off if you purchase a MYGNRFORUM t-shirt with your digital subscription. This offer ends Monday, February 1st.

The Members Club will provide the following perks for visitors and members of MYGNRFORUM:

  • Unlimited likes
  • Automatic entry into contests and ticket giveaways
  • Club Members will have their names submitted three times to upcoming contests, tripling their chances of winning!
  • Blue username and "Club Member" badge
  • Entry priority to The Ritz (MYGNRFORUM chat forum)
  • Club members given priority for upcoming interviews
  • No flood control for posts/searches
  • Option to change your display name once per year (not offered to non-club members)
  • Customized profile page
  • 2000 message capacity (from 100) PM inbox
  • PM 5 members simultaneously
  • One additional warning point (club members are allowed six warning points, non-members allowed five)
  • Advertisement free forum (on desktop; eventually will be rolled out for mobile)
  • This package is for all perks listed above and a lifetime MYGNRFORUM Club Membership.

Various options are available, including digital-only package, standard MYGNRFORUM t-shirt package, or

custom t-shirt package.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you'll join us in the Members Club.

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