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NEW 2017 GUNS N' ROSES BOOK = "The Life & Times Of A Rock n Roll Band" by Paul Elliot [Please post review if you read it]

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There is a new GNR book on the block :headbang::headbang::headbang:



Has anyone got its hands on it?

According to Amazon, "The book contains 200 stunning color photographs from key photographers who have documented the band’s career" so that alone should make it worth its price

Here is a little part of a review from thecarouser

Guns n Roses: The Life And Times Of A Rock N Roll Band is not a comprehensive history of the band but it does give a reasonable account of their rise to fame and subsequent descent into acrimony. Much of the book details the interminable splits, solo projects, drugs, booze, bad behaviour which was all the trademark of the band. At times I found myself losing the plot when trying to follow the twists and turns of people leaving, re-joining and then going solo. A rock Family Tree style diagram might have helped achieve a bit more clarity. But the book does have a happy ending. G ‘n’ R reformed in 2016 with Axl Rose, Slash and Duff from the original line-up.

Full review here = http://thecarouser.com/guns-n-roses-book-review/

amazon link = https://www.amazon.com/Guns-Roses-Life-Times-Rock/dp/1454926422

some more images






Post a review if you have read it :headbang:

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"Axl Rose and his band of merry men get the coffee-table treatment [...] Paul Elliot was the first British journalist to fly the flag for these most unlikely saviours of 80s rock, and he’s got the war stories to prove it. They’re all crammed into this handsome, hefty, beautifully designed, vinyl-sized book".

"Even at that early stage, the gang mentality has fractured: Axl is an increasingly malevolent presence largely off-camera. When he does deign to turn up a few minutes before one gig, he prepares his voice by singing Queensrÿche’s anti-heroin anthem The Needle Lies – a needle-sharp dig at trusty lieutenant-turned-frenemy Slash"


FULL REVIEW = http://teamrock.com/review/2017-08-13/guns-n-roses-the-life-and-times-of-a-rocknroll-band-by-paul-elliott-review

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