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  1. https://www.cleveland.com/life-and-culture/j66j-2020/04/a6a87615be2164/the-best-rock-band-in-the-worl.html short but sweet, that is pretty much like it happened in 1988 and 1989, Guns n Roses was the hottest thing in the planet, period
  2. yes i got pissed because mr walllet took the candy out of my mouth
  3. you are missing the point this its not about the dollar it is about doing it right if you are giving something for free, then GIVE IT FOR FREE, dont take the candy out of my fucking mouth when i am fucking enjoying it
  4. ha really digging the track and went for a third listening in a row and got this message The time has come to open thy heart/wallet. Buy this track to: directly support Bumblefoot get unlimited streaming get a high-quality download if doesnt let me listen for the fifth time very very "smart" first time i remotely enjoy something by this guy and he takes the candy out of my mouth right when i was getting into it and getting ready to send the track to my friends not doing that mr w
  5. NOT BAD AT ALL, there are a lot of good things going on on this jam, some cool funky guitar stuff the main riff is fucking good, except for the very end of it when he plays 2 zillion notes two, three long stretched notes would be so much better these guys like bumblefoot cant help themselves, they always seem to fall into these dream theather like mannerisms and almost never remember to give some room for the song to breathe
  6. oh, nice! i wonder if will he give us a song or two in the near future
  7. there seems to be very different levels of maturity in the GNR guys axl and steven apparently seem to be really, really immature axl apparently surrended to the yes men since doug goldstein and never looked back steven apparently is a kid at heart always trying to have a good time and sometimes too much good time doesnt end well as he surely knows by now slash and duff apparently can handle themselves like adults outside GNR, they have had somewhat small but consistent, solid solo careers. inside GNR Duff and Slash have betrayed all that they said for years about the reunio
  8. That was never the case, right?
  9. are you kidding? this cant be serious
  10. yeah, sure, all the leaked pro shots like indiana, oklahoma and saskatoon kinda prove that
  11. do you think they professionally recorded the two other Tokyo nights in video just like the one that was released? i am asking because they played Coma and Locomotive as you probably know
  12. Primeiramente de Rio and Maracana XPII are from Aces High and as far as I know they are MP3 sourced. i remember searching on old gnr bootleg sites and one of these guys who knows a lot about audio extracted the wave lenght (or whatever that was) from the GNR aces high CDs and he was so pissed because that wave lenght showed to him that they were MP3 sourced. It is a shame because the artwork is truly good, specially for the time when the CDs were released. Another good thing about these Rio 1991 Aces High CDs is that they have the full concert from the second night (jan 23) and it is priceless
  13. oh fuck i love all of those... did you by any chance listen to the silver discs of rio 91 and indiana 91? some of them have great sound much better than youtube etc
  14. HEY, thanks for that, would you mind pointing out what made you pick these particular versions? same here
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