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Will there ever be Guns n Roses "deep fakes"?


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I am pretty sure all of you guys have seen Nicholas Cage's face over other people's faces on these "deep fake" videos that are floating around everywhere


OK so since someone created an A.I. app that puts somebody's face over somebody else's faces, is there gonna ever be a similar app that puts, lets say, somebody's "music" over somebody else's music?

lets say, for example, that an app is able to capture every detail about axl's singing voice (phrasing, tone, etc etc etc and etc etc etc) and is able to "insert" that "over" somebody else's voice in any given song

will that ever be possible?

and can the same be done for, let's say, steven unique drum playing, izzy's unique guitar playing, slash's unique guitar playing, etc etc etc

to a point where you insert "Guns n Roses" into any given song and create a complete Deep Fake Guns n Roses song out of any given song?



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