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  1. Well said. Truly fucked up. Seems aristocracy did a number on her, maybe. Oh right - how'd I misread that? Conceived there. I think her family was from DD's beloved North Humberland (unless i read that part wrong too! lol) but they traveled a lot it seems. The part about her commie sister and her drawing a line down the middle of their shared bedroom is foreshadowing like no one could make up!! Her whole deal is stranger than fiction.
  2. Painting like that is the easy part, eh? I can imagine the lighting being a nightmare sometimes! Thats actually something that struck me as I looked at some of your works - how vibrant they are. I sometimes try and take pics of my cut & paste, and paper making art. 'Cant get the lighting' is my excuse for never sharing them, lol Glad you could get to the patio. I made it out once just before the numbers got bad again. Felt like a dream come true. I anticipate we'll see further restrictions added. You are a night owl - wanting the 24 hours shops? Or you mentioned earlier its best to be
  3. I just thought it was fantastical odds that she was born in the town we were recently discussing, plus the odds of the two meanings in her life. Its bonkers. And as a small town Ontarian myself, it gives me that "Oh the Places You'll Go" vibe Im certainly not trying to weigh in on debate! My mind remains squarely focoused on Spread Eagle Bay
  4. Apparently she was born in Swastika Ontario! Because her parents owned the mine of the same name!! And then her teenage bedroom was adorned with swastikas. Fuck me! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unity_Mitford
  5. I will take pics!! Youre so right - farms need names. Hmmm.... Not sure... Breaking Down Palace? Nah, I can do better! What do you think it should be called? I opted for a less ornate wood finish. Its the right choice as it will fit into my home and grow room much better. Like the nicest thing I own would have been a bin of decomposing food and pooping worms, lol. But I have had a few moments of doubting my decision. The one I picked is very beautiful as well. Im so happy your heater is fixed! Yay Little Boy! My heart sank when you gave the last owl update. Little Boy lives
  6. She is a dead ringer for a chick I know who’s always getting her tits out. I think you’ve just given me a complex about looking at them tho!
  7. It can be quite astonishing when ones moral fibre is laid bare
  8. Love. Rage. Nausea. That’s the state I exist in 24/7 because of this horrific, ongoing, colonial project. Stuff like this isn’t rare. Im weeping none the less. Thank you for posting
  9. *Catholic choir boy joke goes here*
  10. You should both be equally ashamed of the Stella
  11. Dazey and Action are having a more quality debate than Cheeto and Biden. Which one should be potus?
  12. He hasnt left the Orta yet! He would love to homestead! I'll get back to you with that canna bulb count! They are pretty - the bulbs even. Youve been busy! Im happy to hear that the back fence doesnt need scraping!! And now Ive just received tracking number for my worm farm What a day this tuned out to be!! The hyper-eco gardening industry remembered I existed and sent me my shit! ... I wonder if I can grow enough grass in here to keep a goat... ??
  13. Krystal and Saagar, of Rising, aren't even roasting them over the debate. They're just sad. Krystal and Saagar are the shiniest, happiest people in my orbit! If they're as sad as we are, the end is truly neigh.
  14. Like what happened to those blow hard UK'ers just before they exited the EU
  15. Another good thing about wearing masks is that we dont have to worry if we have spaghetti sauce stains around our lips when we go out - the mask will cover it!
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