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  1. I’m a magi!!! Makes sense to me! . After years of childhood always being cast in the angel chorus, finally I’m a magi!! Merry Christmas to you as well, action! And to everyone. Immanuel
  2. I listen to free Dead live tapes everyday! I do not get how some people make demands of bands during this huge and sad crisis, as if they arent humans and as if theres no chance that all their aunts are dying of covid. Imagine in London during the last years of WWII if people were bitching and complaining about a lack of new Guns music?! A family member sent me a package that had so much tape - layers of tape - that I cant open it, due to disability. I told them I couldnt open it (this isnt the first time). And they responded that I could open it. Okay, well you have a nice life.... Or suffer then die... I dont care. Just dont call me Your family sounds very sweet, worts and all. Frustrating as all family can be, at least conversations can make sense and be rooted in reality. Thats something! 'Scratchers and Bird Seed' sounds like a novella that Id read
  3. Hey, wasnt there a literal holy grail in the NR video? Ill take that and the broken cake stand.
  4. Im not sure I follow everything about the christmas gathering family stuff. This is your bro who had a stroke? Im sure theyd be happy just to be there, no gift needed. And sounds like you already have a gift for his wife? Im guilty of never 'getting' other peoples family stuff, but then meanwhile mine is all just as messy, often plain fucked up I love YT so much. That dude is too cool! Oh, I see about clapping gand the clothes came on! Nice! I think Axl has smashed some mirrors back in the day. "Every mirror in the house" iirc. The piano got its revenge that one time of NITL Very cool video, thanks! I love the art! Collage and cut and paste is a favourite of mine. Will be rematching for sure!! Being MyGNR forum Im now obliged to say: "Grateful Dead has released way more than guns this year and they arent even in the Grateful Dead anymore!"
  5. Very cool! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed this and will be looking her up. Checks all my 2020 music boxes - Woman, psychedelia, countryfried How did you discover her?
  6. I had LOTS of time to listen to music and explore music this year. This is just some Grateful Dead, Dicks Picks 33 (And the like 10 other Dead land albums released this year) Grimes, Miss Anthropocene Lucinda Williams, Good Souls Better Angels Phoebe Bridges, Punisher Willie Nelson, First Rose of Spring Margo Price, Thats How Rumours Get Started Bruce Hornsby, Non Secure Connection Bret Kissel, Now or Never (a mans gotta get his fill of beer and trucks from somewhere ) Halsey, Maniac Carrie Underwood, My Gift Jenn Grant, Downtown on Christmas Eve EDIT: Oops, I listed favourite albums. Too lazy to redo. All the songs on all those albums are my favourite songs. Most of the albums are named for a song anyways and the title tracks are all true gems.
  7. Guava shooters were slightly chalky. Dont take as shots, but mix with something bubbly and then its all good. Mild flavour and zero cannabis flavour which some peeps will appreciate. I still havent really found a drink that I like as much as confection. I swear eating something solid, no mater how small, always leads to better results.
  8. Does "Chat up" mean something different there, or do you have sweaty thighs for Evan?
  9. I really like the first Bash and Pop, Friday Night Is Killing Me. Fast and Hard is prolly my favourite track. I guess its cloudy everywhere in the north. I keep looking gat your picture. It so cool! I dont know what Dead Ripple video youre speaking of? I hope you can see it though! That would suck if Little Boy did that! If Trump walks into the change room while their naked, smack him... and better yet, call Axl to take care of it! Im excited for show time! Like a Darth Vader clapper? They should like pretty outfits. You smash mirrors too? Axl likes to smash a mirror as well! Why, are you angry? Me and Axl will grow zz top beards That video is incredible! Hope they dont have a bunch of diseases though They are so cute and misunderstood. Look at em up on their hind legs. I stayed up late in a bid to sleep straight through. Slept from 12:30-6. Then tried to snooze until 10. Still so exhausted - not caught up. Glad Little Boy visited. My electric blanket is a write off, but it wasnt cold anyways. The other night when I used it, there were 5 fires in town. All started as a result of people trying to stay warm Burning coleman stoves next to they're bed. One unwell guy apparently started a proper camp fire in his rooming house. Its ashes now. When I heard that reporting they also mentioned that since the pandemic all sorts of people are causing kitchen fires because theyve never cooked before . They had to have an "expert" come on and spoon feed adults some child sized info like "When you start cooking on your stove top with oil, don't leave the area of the kitchen for extended periods."
  10. Far out! I heard just now on radio that in 2 BC that was the brightest is been since. If you die of covid from your christmas galavanting I will be pissed. And after I get passed that I will think of you that way I think, at the end of the day, ravioli has got to be my favourite food. Mostly with red sauce. But alfredo, pesto and even in broth is great too. Listening to Tommys first Bash and Pop. Izzy and Ronnie Wood on now though.
  11. I love how much of the cartoon vibe is maintained for Bo-Katan and Koska when they are wearing their helmets and in combat. Similarly how theres a mystical 'other-worldly' vibe to Ahsoka. Which is both comicbook style and also reminiscent, to me, of Yodas home on Dagobah. I think both are handled really well. Helps blend the live action and cartoon worlds. And why do away with some of those really awesome features from other mediums and storylines.
  12. I can think of at least one solution to your covid problem Thats smart about mulching in fall/early winter and leaving it all growing season! Fucking Joe, thinks the womenfolk are here to do his secretarial work? The only potential drawback I could see with that status is that sometimes the govt will then have to do inspections. And the issue with that is that then the regulating govt agency worries about covering their asses about you suing them? Why? Because if they walk through your garden and sign off on it, it could legally imply that they have said its "safe." And then someone might have once sued a regulatory agency for signing off on their garden (not a safety inspection) if there was an accident later. So form that point on the agency will dole out all sorts of BS safety rules for you to follow. And they arent there for actual safety, they are there just so that someone cant sue them for not caring about safety.... Its exhausting. I know this ^^ because in small scale food production, the regulators will also make people here have fancy eye wish stations. Like people making chilli are gonna get a chemical in their eyes?!?!?!! But everyone I know has been forced to install an eye wash station. Think about it - we are all allowed to make as much chilli as we want. Law requires land lords to provide fire alarms and fire escapes. But not eye wash stations. Its just to defend agsint potential litigation. Sigh. Anyways... No bread and no cheese makes soon a dull boy Man, I feel for you Cin! Theres cheese in the casserole too right? I dont know if croutons work for you? But you can make croutons or bread pudding with star bread too. Ive been making marinara and my spinach and mushroom filling for ravioli. Tomorrow i bring it all together. havent had the pasta press out in too long! This is fun! Wow - thanks so much!! Thats beautiful! Yeah, I can see the distinction between the two if I look real hard. Thanks
  13. One of my favourite artists, a stoner east coast folkie named Jenn Grant, is presenting a PPV christmas eve variety show from her kitchen. Its the first big splash shes made since the pandemic. Mostly because shes an attentive mother. Also because it seems the muse hand't struck. Im pumped! New Christmas album too. So, If Axl Rose doesnt hop online an bake a chocolate babka, while dueting a Christmas version of "It tastes good, dont it" with the McKagan clan, while Beta shimmies in the background in a Mrs Claus outfit - I will rage quit Guns N Roses.
  14. Most of my favourite artists arent corporate major label sell out ass holes. Theyre also actual artists, not merely categorized as "artists" by an industry. Manage your expectations.
  15. Wish there was something real, wish there was something true. Wish there was something real in in this world for you
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