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  1. Working smart, not hard isn’t laziness. You’re a very active gardener! Homeless pot heads whom we don’t want to turn to crack. At least the few mustard micros I got were more flavourful.
  2. One of my investments is in a car sharing service.
  3. I didnt realize that Ali sported them too. Nice. So I guess thats before Marley then? I completely get you. And Brooks whom I mentioned earlier lived by that too. And for him it was also about saying 'come over here, we have the most fun, best parties, coolest people.' Which in my life I relate to as like, Ive been around and have come to the conclusion that I prefer working class culture over others. Like, I would much rather watch the local baseball team on dollar hot dog day, chirping at the visitors dugout while sipping a low key beer from home, with a few folks who enjoy the same
  4. We usually have snow on the ground nonstop from December-March. By February there could be nearly 3ft of snow accumulated. This year its possible snow arrives earlier. Sometimes we get a dusting of snow in October, other times Im still gardening non-hardy plants in October. I havent heard of people diggin up bulbs for winter here. We usually plant them in late fall. BUt maybe I only know some plants like tulips. Your method is sound. And Im jealous!
  5. Good news about not having to sell pot! Im glad you are getting a good price. I hope its safe for everyone. I literally have no plan to put my garden down, lol. But those snow storms are creeping closer and closer from the north.
  6. Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron, by Alexander Freed. Re-listening while I read the tie in comics. Part one of a trilogy on tie fighters taking care of loose ends after the Empires collapse in the film Return of the Jedi. Lots of star battles in this chaotic time!!
  7. I think many of us fans prefer the skin and bones tour in 93 to the gandure of the Illusions tour, with the stripped back lineup and an audible Gilby. Interesting to think that we mainly got that so Axl could maintain the grandure in his private life, lol. Ive heard other posters on the forum be skeptical about the goodwill intentions of the separate releases being a favour to the fans (in that case the band said it was so kids could afford at least one album). And also Ive heard it said (I think by the band or Goldstein) that they wanted to get everything out becasue they didnt think the
  8. Sounds like a huge job to get the greenhouse cleaned up! And I imagine you’re still having limited numbers in at a time? Dill pickled green beans does sound great! Thanks Im glad you have hot weather when your heaters not working. Makes you wonder about these construction workers sometimes, doesn’t it? Lol
  9. I'll salvage what I can and start over. I mostly use a battery powered toothbrush too, but I guess youve tried those whitening things with the blue light? I hope you tooth wont give you too much grief until then! Its kinda neat to think that when you do a transplant, that just below the whole you dig is a chubby lil ground hog just doing its thing. Nice. Marshas not retired? My dill germinated!!
  10. Id be remiss to not mention that youve taken a lot from when I said 50 likely finds a kindred spirit in Trump. But I like it Thing is, Trump prolly was in his old room at mommies when his step father handed him the cheque . And I wouldnt agree hes been working hard since then. Making more money than one could ever spend isnt something one experiences as work. It aint labour, its a passion and a mode of living. Even as POTUS hes at Mara Lago a lot. I wouldnt agree that the current tax code in US lowers the quality of life of the wealthy. Many of whom fight to not pay taxes only to tur
  11. I knew you werent taking a knock at it. I have most of my team jackets, but yeah I dont wear them much. My first adidas jacket was a freebie that I negotiated with a head shop owner to include with my purchase. He was up-selling me to a glass bong and I said to throw in the adidas. lol. I felt pretty fucking cool in it! And those pictures! Who are these people?? Sorry about them wanting to beat you up and all - thats not what Im laughing at. Actually, a pack of ladies threatened me with violence recently and it looked just like your picture of the scary spices! That is not ho
  12. I commend liberalism for changing to accommodate societal progress by rejecting the childishness, bigotry and ignorance of the passé fringe movement of Secular Fundamentalism. In doing so liberalism bids to remain relevant. And that’s so important for our democracy.
  13. Fuck yeah, I thought of RUN DMC right away! Even theirs werent always leather. Its baller. Also, the late great Michael Brookes (political commentator) would love it too. It seems that Adidas wont be making anymore leather jackets? At least currently the jacket materials they have for sale are "Ocean Plastic" "Recycled" and "Recycled Polyester." Which is awesome, but also means these vintage leathers are only gonna get more expensive and rare. Here too. Whether it be sports wear like Adidas or actual team jackets. In fact "Athleisure wear" is a popular category of clothing
  14. I mean, Im fairly nerdy, but this is just.. wow Nah, its cool to see how the other half lives. Let the games begin.
  15. That is awesome! I want one too! Like you owned it, and somehow lost it? Sucks.
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