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Personsa 5R


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It was announced recently that this is coming later in the year, with a further announcement on more details later in the year;

It's expected to be an improved/expanded version upon of Personsa 5.

Normally I'd be negative on the idea of a cash grab, remake/remaster or DLC of any game including ones I like. However Personsa 5 was absolutely my favorite RPG of this decade. It's a game I sank 120 hours into to finish the main story and although it's not perfect; I loved the story, characters, art style and the sound track.

If you've never played it, but like JRPGS, anime, visual novels, really long games this is something you should check out later this year (assuming Personsa 5R is a version with extra content).

It's not for everyone, but if you like the genre you'll love this.

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They released a trailer.

It's Personas 5 The Royal. New character featured.

Seriously get the game even if it's just an enhanced version of the original, when it's out. It's one of the RPGs ever. 

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Recently replayed Nocturne on PS3.

However the game freezes after Kagutsuchi and it's a completely unresolvable issue. Apparently it's an issue in the PAL version here in the UK and they never fixed it. You can't download it again or change settings. If you've sunk 60 PLUS hours grinding, you've litterally wasted 60 + hours. It's been an issue for years apparently, yet they never fixed it. Just left a game on the PSN that cannot be finished.

Read the same about Personsa 3/4. So I'm not even going to bother. It's pretty lame, however there were rumors of a Nocturne remake.


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