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At Hershey the pit was moderately crowded. There was some room to hang in the back so not overly crowded. For Indy, it looks like there’s a lot of seats left. Plus it’s a bigger stadium so the pit may be bigger. Although I did hear that at the show in LA, they moved the stage out some, it’s possible they do that with Indy. I would say that with as many tickets left, you might be able to just get a cheap seat and then move to an area where there aren’t many people. It looks like the entire upper section of the stadium will be closed off, so those people will be getting free upgrades.

good luck! 

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5 hours ago, Ak1nney said:

Are we talking like a 200 ft deep pit?

Yeah, the ticket sales are terrible in Indianapolis. I think it has much more to do with prices than covid. I'm from Indiana and I can tell you for a fact that many people here don't care about covid scares, and at the same time, don't have $150 to throw at shit seats. $150 priced seats in this state means like first 10 rows for a lot of people's incomes.

I’d say Hershey was more like 50-75ft deep. Yeah I totally understand what you’re saying about prices and peoples views on covid. I’m from the western Maryland mountains and people here are the same way. That’s why we have the lowest vaccination and highest death rate in the state. 

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