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Untitled multimedia project/ARG (GNR related...sort of)

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Wassup? Since my web series, Hearts Are Always Killed, has been cancelled I'm delving into a new project. I'm sure by now most of you have heard of an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). When I have been getting days off I have been planning and creating a multimedia project that utilizes original shortwave radio recordings I created, puzzle solving, and a overarching narrative that has a basic idea but needs some fleshing out. I also have two character designs of masked "hood" surrealistic creatures. So there is a comic book element to it but also a kind of Lynchian tone/aesthetic but viewed through some 90's gangsta shit. It';s still psychedelic horror though. Feeding off the intoxicated victims but all the while trying to find a mysterious ancient item that is not man made. I made this as a test using GNR Perhaps so you'll hear what a numbers station sounds like and I have the two character designs. The one with the meat clever, who is more primal, and the one with the backpack, who is more technically inclined. Peep this shit.









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