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Stairway to Heaven VS. Free bird


Which song is more overrated?  

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I personally dislike both songs, they're a waste of my fucking time. The reason I made this poll is because I get annoyed seeing 'Stairway to Heaven' being described as amazing and best song ever. When I hear it I want to sleep.

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FreeBird is an awesome song. If you gave it all the praise in the world, it still wouldn't be overrated. It's a classic. Stairway to Heaven is a really good song too, but in my opinion is slightly overrated.

I agree with u on Freebird but as far as Stairway To Heaven is concerned I never got what the big deal was about that song.

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First of all let me say this thread is useless because both songs rule!

Ok now for the Zep heads out there, if you listen to the LA bootlegs of 1977, there's an amazing solo played in Stairway by Jimmy Page, he can eat Collins alive. Stairway rules, more. But both songs rule, they kick ass.

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How can you not like the 10 minute guitar solo in Freebird?

?? guitar solos arent everything... they do more harm than good in most songs.

actually no, guitar solos only improve a song.

there's plenty of songs that are a let down because there's no kick ass solo to take it to the next level

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Stairway is classic and timeless. Awesome song.

i agree, i think people probably just get annoyed that it's mentioned all the time and played so much, but the song itself is just a masterpiece regardless of how much people like it or not ;)

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