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Knocking On Heavens Door


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Who has heard this version?

I have...and I think it is about the best version I have ever heard of this song. The GnR version at the Mercury Tribute is VERY close....but I think this one is slightly better.

Actually...it sounds terrible. I saw it on video. At the start you see Bob, or what's left of him. Completely broken down by drugs and God only knows what, skinny has hell, as pale as an a4 paper, doesn't manage to hit one single note right.....and it just gives you goosebumps all over! It's in some way very fitting for the song. This guy, broken down, in a way more dead then alive, and then singing Knocking On Heavens Door. I LOVE this version!

If you haven't heard it.... right click, save as (I hope this link works)

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