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  1. I'm also about the ritual for me. When I can stand in front of my cd and/or vinyl collection and find something that fits my mood. Getting it out, putting it in the cd or record player, sitting down and flipping through a booklet as I listen. Reading along with lyrics or gazing at pictures or artwork. It's the whole experience that I consider much more satisfying that scrolling through my phone. It's just much more real and you're much more focussed on whatever music you picked out. I also intend to keep collecting physical music. I actually (somewhat reluctantly) bought an SD card last year so I can fit my entire music collection as MP'3 on my phone just because my new car doesn't have a cd player anymore. Could've used Spotify and all, but it pisses me off when music I love isn't on there.
  2. The "emotional rollercoaster" of Guns n' Roses is like waiting in line forever without ever actually getting on the ride itself.
  3. Interesting find, hope you're right. Everybody seems super focussed on Hardschool. And honestly, I get that. I'm excited to hear it too, especially since the re-worked Absurd/Silkworms turned out much better than I expected. BUT if this bullshit isn't leading to a whole album some time soon I'd still be super pissed off. GnR fans are getting super excited over a few breadcrumbs while GnR still has a whole fucking bakery in the vaults. In typical GnR fashion they're working at a downright glacial pace and for me another song leading to nothing just isn't enough to stop saying "fuck these guys". They're the single most frustrating band in the history of music. The most exciting GnR thing that became available since UYI is still The Village Sessions, and GnR didn't release that.
  4. WWE must be desperate to extend it. AEW, Impact and ROH would all love to have him. Maybe he's holding out for a better deal? I felt the same about Joe, though to a lesser extent. And they let him go too.
  5. It's open air, in a big park. The site is an old ehrm... drafbaan? The Stones played there in 98, but not a lot of big concerts. Recently they've tried to change it purpose more towards an all-round concert site.
  6. I thought April fools jokes were supposed to at least be a little bit believable.
  7. I was just messing around. But honestly though, the only thing we know they tried to play is hardschool. I seriously doubt they'd improve on that. If they put something out and 75% are stuff we've heard (even just as instrumentals) I'd probably just want to hear the originals and dislike that they took the lazy way out. CD already had material re-written and re-interpreted and I think that didn't help any of it at all.
  8. Ohhhh, wait, I get it. You're right! *Ahem* He's right Team Brazil! We don't have The Village Sessions. We would never download such a vile and illegal thing! Come to think of it, what are The Village Sessions"? Because I for one have never heard of them!
  9. Axl sounding like 87-93 again This is initially tempting, but if they'd still play with the same disinterest it'd also be pointless. And even then I've seen this cashgrab before, so would I really go see it again while I could see other artists doing new things? On top of that there's still nothing new, no decent communication and Team Leech. So no. Pass. New album This also seems initially tempting, but what would that album be? If it's just re-recordings of 1998-2004 material I don't think I'd be that interested. That's just some re-interpreted stuff written by other people and if history is anything to go by that would get worse rather than better. If it's entirely new material that might be interesting. But we don't have that guarantee. And even if we did, I'm not sure I'd have faith in it (especially Axl) sounding good. So no, pass. AFD Lineup Honestly what's the point? It'd be the same cashgrab with a few different people who don't really want to be there either and Axl would still sound bad. Reworked setlist with more deep cuts Absolutely don't care. What's the point in watching them butcher different classics? New (and professional) management I'd want this even if it's just to be rid of Team Leech. Porper management could (and should) result in a lot of other things on this list. Vault releases, new releases, decent communication. But in the end it couldn't do one other essential thing - make Axl sound good. Now, if we'd be guaranteed vault releases (both 87-93 and 98-04) I'd be fine with whatever the fuck else happens and just not go see them live. But that guarantee isn't there. After all, many managers have failed with GnR before. All the stuff from the vault being released (from all eras) And there we are, the absolute best option on the list. Pull the plug from the cashgrab tour, I'm fine with that. Or not, whatever. I'm not going to see them anyway. Just give me awesome 87-93 live material and everything there is from the 98-04 studio sessions. That's definitely what I'd want most out of this band and when I have it I can pretty much be done with whatever the hell they're doing in the present.
  10. He's a right cunt in the sense that I appreciate. Seen the guy live 3 times now and he's always stellar. Even when he's being a moody asshole.
  11. Knowing TB, at it's earliest one year late. Also, done.
  12. My guess on what it'll include: - UYI 1 and 2 - Tokyo 92 DVD's (UYI 1 and 2 DVD's) - A few demo's - TSI - tons of fake recreated crap memorabilia So yeah, woldn't want to get my hopes up for that one.
  13. You must be pretty happy right now.
  14. I've heard some stuff, but I'm not exactly sure how and why. But purely as a wrestling fan the way he's been involved since his WWE in-ring retirement (2008) makes me sad. I really loved Flair in the 90's as a kid. And since then seeing some of his classic 80's stuff has been great too.
  15. The extent to which Ric has become a complete caricature of himself makes me sad. Should've stayed away from wrestling ever since HBK put him down, but he just absolutely can't.
  16. I'm trying to look at this in a general perspective, not just from an American perspective. The American prison system seems to be something where conditions are bad and where people who have been in there often come out worse than how they came in. Which also solves very little.
  17. I'm not going to argue with "in prison". If you don't execute them that's a given. The problem is under what quality of living (how much luxury, do these often deranged or mentally limited people receive certain treatments?), under which conditions (is rehabilitation an option? are there possibility of parole or even release) and how much government/tax money should this be allowed to cost. These are difficult things imo. And of course these things are wildly different per country. But I've heard examples of a goverment spending more anually on the living conditions of a prisoner than that of an elderly person. And that, too, is hard to explain.
  18. I've never felt mankind in general has the right nor the wisdom to decide over life or death. At the same time there are certainly cases to be made, like ssiscool did earlier. From mass murderers to rapists to war criminals. I doubt, if they'd caught him at the time, many would have felt Josef Mengele should be allowed to live after the horrible crimes he commited. And if some pervert would put a hand on my daughter, my reaction would most likely be to kill him with my bare hands. But still... from a remote and objective perspective I'd say man shouldn't be able to decide over life or death. But that raises the question, what should we do? And that's quite hard too. It's easy to say we should put them in a 2x2 meter cell with some straw for a bed and a shitbucket to live out the rest of their lives on bread and water without any daylight. There's something very strange in saying "this person committed a horrible crime so we will now spend thousands worth of tax money so that they can live out their lives in good conditions in what is just about a hotel room". I could ahrdly defend that one towards a victim either. I do feel the risk these people pose to society should always outweigh the rights of the perpetrator. You simply can't explain, as a government or coutnry, that a rapist, pedophile or murderer you put a "rehabilitated" stamp on falls back in their old ways. Certainly not to the victim and/or their families. As they so often do. So yeah, if you can't kill them, where should you put them and under what conditions? That's a hard one...
  19. This. By 2019 Axl sounded like a vietnamese girl in hypno therapy re-experiencing her severe war trauma's. And while we're at it, Slash's playing in reunion gnr often seems so disinterested that I'd call that a weak link too. Not nearly as bad as Axl "Cat stuck in a meatgrinder" Rose. But still. Fixed.
  20. This is an excelent point. When you've been around gnr online fandom long enough, there's nothing more satisfying than murdering fellow fans in cold blood. On top of that it's a fun crowd! Wish I could play more often than I do.
  21. Agreed. And yes, I could see them using 20yo vocal tracks too. But I just don't think I'd be interested in this band re-recording stuff from 20 years ago. Based on the village sessions there was real fire and ambition in it back then. They already seemed to have ruined that with all the re-writing, re-interpreting, re-recording and overproducing on Chinese Democracy. So I have zero faith they'd get it right now. What I might be interested in is an album of all new material that has been written since the reunion. A clean slate. But even then the heart and soul of this band seems so far gone I doubt it'd be good. From the way they handled the leaks to the bad communication and insults towards the fanbase to the youtube takedowns and the horrible cashgrab releases like L&L or GH.... The way the band and it's management are doing things leaves very little left to like. Enough for me to not want to spend a single cent on them anymore.
  22. I basically only want more leaks from the period up until 2004. I stopped expecting anything from and caring about the band a long while back. If there's an album I'd check it out, but there won't be. Maybe an ridiculously overpriced UYI box at some point. And even if there was an album my expectations for it would be incredibly low. Axl sounds awful and itid probably just include worse versions of Village songs. The only thing I have less faith in than the band, is it's utterly incompetent management.
  23. Consider the excitement and the ambition from back then. We've really gone downhill.... A lot.... Two decades of misses and clusterfucks.
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