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Judas Priest


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Last night, here in the states, VH1 Classic ran an hour of the awesome Priest Live concert...from Memphis, TN in '82.

Screaming For Vengeance Tour... so good.

Unfortunately, it was not the whole gig.

Edited to fill only an hour of precious VH1 airtime...

Had to get back to the classic "We are the 80's" Lionel Ritchie & Debbie Gibson videos, apparently.

I was bummed with the exclusion of "Victim of Changes".

I would've surely sacrificed "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" in favor of "Victim...", but that's just me.

They cut out Rob's entrance on the motorcycle before the encore of "Hellbent for Leather", too, which seems kinda dumb... considering it was a JP trademark back in the day.

I hadn't seen that show since the 80's & I was struck by the fact that they were much looser/sloppier than I remembered.

Not in a bad way, though.

I think my aspiring young rocker mind just didn't notice back then 'cuz I wasn't the experienced/nitpickin' old fuck I am today. ;)

Back then, I percieved them to be a more finely tuned Metal Machine than I found them to be last night.

Don't get me wrong, though, they were fucking great!!!

But more raw & human than I remembered.

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Incredible band with some of the best tunes I've ever heard , they were my "introduction" to metal and they've been one of my favs ever since , plus Halford is the best metal vocalist there is in my mind he kicks ass . Killer frontman as well .

Peace GnR Nation B)

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