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Best of the Mid-Eighties


Which one  

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Most people call this the "slump" period of DC but there are a lot of kick ass tunes in there , though these weren't as commercially successful as BIB , FTATR or The Razor's Edge they are pretty damn good maybe they are just overshadowed by thier "big brothers" or it's because of the whole 80's scence which they never fit into . Anyway I went with FOTS just a great album all the way through more consistent than FTATR plus it's got Landslide on it ( my fav song outta this era .

Peace GnR Nation B)

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I voted Fly On The Wall, did think about voting for Who Made Who as i love that song but it's as you said basically a greatest hits.

I can't wait for "Strap It On" (i think that's what it's going to be called) to come out.

Flick of the Switch.

And Strap It On is a false rumour. It's the biggest load of bullshit to ever grace the internet. Some fan started it on a forum and it spread like wildfire.

The tracklist is fake too.

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