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just saw megadeth!!!


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fuckin amazing show! dave mustaine is a suuuuuper talented guy....for him to play those fast heavy riffs and sing at the same time the way he does looks fuckin hard...and his solos were nothing short of amazing...the way his hands moved up the fretboard reminded me of buckethead for some reason, it was awesome, he rocked the fuck out to this sold out audience, good fuckin times!!!

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I missed the show was sold out when I went to get tickets!!

i got tix the first day and i was on the second balcony, but my seats were pretty sweet...the show was unbelievable, too bad you missed it, thats it for megadeth!

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hey im just starting to try and get into megadeth, any suggestions album-wise? also slayer if u like them



Well besides the best ofs (Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years and Still Alive.....And Well?)

I would say

Rust in Peace

System has Failed

Cryptic Writings


Heck, get all of them, they cheap on ebay

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