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Truth or bullshit?

Manchester, England

Melbourne, Austrailia

Minneapolis, Minn.

Miami, Fla.

Montreal, Canada

Modena, Italy

Mexico City, Mexico

Madrid, Spain

Memphis, Tenn.

I'm sure there are others that i missed, but you get the point.

Smells like Bullshit to me.


Thanks for that :)


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I forget if it was michigan or something where his therapist or whatever yoda said something during the metallica tour and said negative energy or something like that was in place so axl decided not to play.. :shades:

I don't really care where he DOESN'T play, since he decides to play somewhere... But I can't imagine Axl believing this crap. :unsure:

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I heard that he would get Yoda to tell him whether each city beginning with M had a negative or positive energy around it and then Axl would go from there...... :blink: all a bit weird to me!

Did Axl ever walk off stage or not turn up to cities beginning with M???


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