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aerosmith's honkin' on bobo

GnR lives on

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I've heard it. It's pretty good. My buddy went and saw them in Calgary last spring right in the middle of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Steven Tyler came out in a Flames jersey and I guess the crowd went insane with "GO FLAMES GO!!!" chants. He said the crowd cheered louder for theFlames than for the band. :lol:

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I love blues, I can listen to blues all day, this was a nice addition to my blues collection. I thought they did a nice job reworking the songs and they killed live. I saw them on this tour and they tottaly owned the arena. During walk this way Steven just runs takes a jump off the stage and grabs onto a trapeze(?) and hangs upside down off it above the crowd and started high fiving everybody he could reach! it was awesome!

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