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Van Halen


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According to a post someone made on rotharmy.com David Lee Roth was approached by Van Halen to do a Best Of Both Worlds tour where Dave would do the first set of songs then he'd leave and Sammy Hagar would come out and do his songs, well Dave said that's not happening (cause you know how Dave's ego is) so he bailed out and as you all know Sammy was left to do all the songs including Dave's well later on Dave basically said "you can have all the fun you want right now but when you want to do this right, you come talk to me and it'll be done" so if Eddie Van Halen can let everything go and go to Dave then a full scale VH reunion could be underway and since EVH is in his last stage of life (he has Cancer and his guitar playing is weakening) then I have a very strong feeling he'll be working stuff out with Dave so he can give the fans what they want.

I'm looking forward to this, I just saw Van Hagar in 2004 and it was shitty, another reason Dave won't do a reunion is because he wants to do a new album then a massive tour to support it but VH just wanted him to tour for a Greatest Hits.

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What do you mean the show was shitty? I saw them and it was the best concert I have ever been to. Plus, Hagar and the band are all on good terms and they have new songs in the work for a likely new album. We will only see Roth with the band if they are inducted in the Hall of Fame. Then we will have Sammy and Dave on the stage and all hell will break loose. That'll will be an interesting Ceremony.

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it's like a certain combination of chords in a song that sounds pleasing to the ear.

Pop writers use them all the time

:P when i listen to that song at the start i always think its the theme tune to a lame 80s sitcom or something!

I can't belive how they just decided to fuck up their legacy with that kind of material

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I caught the tour on Halloween last year, they were awesome live. As a live band they go above and beyond... I still dig 'em.

I'll make up my mind as soon as they come to the UK. I do think that they are one of those bands that never reached its full potential though.

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