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"Slash signature" Les Paul for sale

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I've come to this forum to find the people who will appreciate this instrument. It is a mid-90's Epiphone Les Paul classic with the Slash signature paint and logo. It is in MINT condition and has no marks on it. It has rarely been played and kept in tip top shape. It plays as well as it looks and has a great stage presence and collector value. I love it but due to some financial problems I must sell it. One of you hard core fans will love it and keep it well :). It includes a hard shell case and strap. It was around $1200 new and is in the same shape it was then. I'm asking for $600 obo. I will consider any reasonable offer and I will ship it anywhere in the US of A. I am in Virginia and any buyers are invited to drop by and try it out if you are close. Pictures and more info available. morrisjr@jmu.edu or IM me "TurboOmni08" on AOL. Also, I will respond to any public questions on this thread.




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Thia was the "cheap" version of the Slash custom one. These sold for about $400 bucks in the U.S. The real ones sold for $5,000-$8000 with the snake inlay going up the neck. Cool guitar for collectors, to hang on a wall, but it's basically an epiphone with a slash logo painting on it. The real one has the logo carved into the wood and hand painted, ltd edition of 50 pcs, sweet...

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