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The Sheer


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Ha! I don't think anybody outside Holland even knows these guys.

But still I wanna know, anybody know them? Or even better, like them?

I've seen these guys live, and it was just dead amazing!! The singer is very charismatic, absolutely great. The way he walks around the stage, dances, talks, moves... It's like he's playing a sold out Madison Square Garden or something! Just dead amazing. The're a lot better live, then studio actualy. Which is a great quality.

Really nice guys as well. My girl and I stayed a while after the show, and they came to this sorta lobby/bar thing to talk to fans and sign autographs and stuff. They were really nice. :)

It's just really cheerful rock music. I love it!

Their debut album is called "The Keyword Is Excitement".

"It Only Gets Better", "Something To Say", "Right Now", "Love Is The Law" all great tunes! :)

Check them out:


You can view some videos as well. But the quality is pretty bad. Too bad that the singer isn't dancing around as much in this vid as he did in the show I went to ;)

So, anyway, it might not exactly be the style most people here like.. but check them out anyway ;)

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Never heard of them

Can you reccomend a song for me to try?


"It Only Gets Better", "Something To Say" and "Right Now" are on their website. Those are all good.

I also love "Love Is The Law"

I'll have a listen and give you my verdict tommorow :)


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