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Buying U2 tickets


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This will be my first time in seats at U2.We usually always stand.One of the gigs we went to we climbed over the railings and got into the V.I.P area,hung out there.

The Irish crowds are so freggin rough especially at U2 home gigs,you end up battered black and blue.

Personally they are great live but I wouldn't spend a fortune on seats.

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Not sure about that.

I've paid £150 (each!) for two tickets to see U2 in Manchester in June.

Obviously I'm paying over the odds, but the show was a sell-out and I'm not going to let the opportunity of seeing one of the best bands in the world perform live and not being able to see them, so it was EBAY for me.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!



I paid the same Subs for their Hampden gig. Should be a cracker. It'll be the 3rd time I've seen them....!!


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Is it true that the less expensive seats are the better one's?? They are coming here Dec. 15 but tickets go on sale next week.

It depends man. Say you get floor seats(the cheapest) but you don't show up till say 10 minutes before the doors open. Or you blow it buy buying a drink and then going to the washroom and buying a shirt or what not before heading to the floor then your floor seats will blow because you'll be near the back. If you do manage to get floor seats and are willing to wait outside the venue to make sure you'll be one of the firts 50 or so on the floor than hell yeah they'll be the best seats. Having said that in an arena the sound quality useaully sounds better up high and you'll get a better overall view of the stage. It depends on what you want and how long you're willing to wait outside the venue the night of the show. Inmy opinin a hard core U2 fan with floor seats will make sure they're in the first 3 rows. If you're not a hardcore U2 fan but just interested in seeing them I'd say buy reserved seating. Than again U2's stage will likely be 360 degrees so even if you are 30th row on the floor there is a chance you could actually be close to part off the runway. My advice is buy tickets to two shows. One with reserved seating the other Gen Admin seats :lol: That's my two cents. Hopefully it makes sense

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