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If the fucking shops around here would get it in before April the fucking 8th i'd be able to fucking tell you! :anger: :devil:

Rant over.... <_<

I know, that sucks.

looks like an awesome DVD.

I woulda thought Australia would be the first place it's released.

looks like we'll have to wait another 10 or so days

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I watched it last night, it's great. The menus could have been done better though. I give it a 8.5

For those living in the US they have this dvd for $9 at Best Buy.

Woow...$9...that ain't much......sure would like to visit the US a couple of times a year just to do some nice shopping

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I think I was the first on this forum to get it... [/brag]

But honestly, if I had all the reissued CD's I'd be pretty pissed, all the bonus footage you get on that, it's on this DVD except for about 5 or 6 songs.

Well, apart from Stiff Upper Lip and Ballbreaker reissues, that aint on the DVD.

But still nonetheless a great dvd to have if you can't be arsed to put the CD in your computer and go on acdcrocks.

Thunderstruck video is great :D

Still, wish it didn't end at 91.

I rate it a 9.

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I'll be gettin' it tomorrow especially since I love those vids , and haven't yet seen a lot of the TV apperances . If it's really $9 then wow that's a hell of deal plus I hear there's a lot of footage on them .

Peace GnR Nation B)

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