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whats your fave music DVD


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Metallica-Live shit,Binge&Purge , Cunning stunts , Some kind of monster

Slipknot- Live at the Astoria,London 2004

Marylin Manson- Guns,God & Government World tour

Korn- Live at the Hammerstein,New York

Rammstein- Lichtspielhaus

Sorry,can't choose between these dvd's. They are all great

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Well, since you ask i just got hold of two great music dvd's, the question is have you heard of either of the bands?! The Bouncing Souls 'Do You Remember' dvd is awesome, it has a documentary on the band's 15 year career and a 50 song live compilation set list!, it's also a 2 disc set, as is The Living End 'From Here On In' dvd, which has a 2hr plus documentary, all the videos and a live set, both pretty good value if you ask me! ...all this info, and im neither band's manager!

Now thats the bands that nobody here has heard of out of the way, the RHCP 'Greatest Hits' is pretty good, besides all the er, hits it also has tons of tour footage and a commentary on the making of each video. I also recommend their 'Off The Map' live dvd, everyone always goes on about the 'Slane Castle' dvd, which is good and probably has better playing to be honest, but the show on the 'Map' dvd, is just real intense and its just after 'Californication' blew up, plus its back when they were still playing the likes of 'Suck My Kiss' and 'If You Have To Ask' which they never play anymore, oh and they all have mowhawks for the show!

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