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I'm falling in love with this band. I've known about them for a while but I never really got into them until I saw their 'Why Do You Love Me' video on VH1 while I was doing my art project at 4 a.m. in the morning on Friday. :o Fuck, all I've done over the weekend is research on this band.

I bought Version 2.0 and Bleed Like Me over the weeked-Holy ratzingles, 2.0 is like an atmospheric love binge with lesbianic aliens and Bleed Like Me is like the pouting of orgasmic flawless tingles. :wub:

Ok, I'm turning into Bongasm right here.... :monkey:

Well, anyways.....Discuss the band.

(Temptation Waits, I Think I'm Paranoid, Push It, Why Do You Love Me, Special, and Wicked Ways are so raw and heavenly rock4 )

Oh yeah, I'd like to tear Shirley Manson's bod like a rippling bag of Cheetos. :wub:

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Garbage are a good band aint heard the new song but apparently it's cool, they were like my favourite band when i was younger and me and the girlfriend at the time would sit on the school bus and listen to version 2.0 and Garbage on tape, ahhh those were the days. :drevil:

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My second favorite band at the moment. Shirley's vocals are just entrancing, and the music is just as fantastic: Catchy and often mesmerizing.

Version 2.0 is easily my favorite, but all four CDs are well worth the money. Bleed Like Me is a great album, but I wish they hadn't subdued the techno/electronica stuff to the extent that they did.

While the first two albums are balanced, both BeautifulGarbage and Bleed Like Me suffer from being too close to the extremes. One's way heavy on effects, the other is stripped down roaring guitars.

Favorite Song: Temptation Waits

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