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Sweet Child O Mine cover

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During the solo, it got really really slow, was that something that happened when you burned the track to your computer, or did you guys actually play it like that? If that's how you guys played it, I would seriously consider finding a new drummer and rythm guitarist.

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Well, you guys did it better than Sheryl Crow...and Lazyboy. rock3 Just get a better goddamn recording setup...vocals sound skewed too.

...I also hate your drummer. And I hate that scream in the chorus. Lead guitar isn't bad, but the general distortion of the recording doesn't help, and rhythm guitar overpowers EVERYTHING.

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Dude, just keep doing it and you'll get it in the end!

Check this out:


follow the link - 'new music forum - contribute now!'

click on Andrew Mackin's tune called 'Sol Long After Birth', a great song, rocks hard!!!

Do it.

Do it!

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