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Your perfect band

Izzy's Girl

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OK customize your own perfect band for us. Each member has to be of a different band though!

I have two versions

Singer: Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)

Guitarist: Brian May (Queen)

Drummer: Jon Bonham (Zeppelin)

Bassist/vocals: Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy)

Rhythm Guitarist: Izzy Stradlin

Singer: Freddie Mercury (Queen)

Guitarist: Slash

Bassist: Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)

Drummer: Dave Holland (Judas Priest)

Rhythm Guitarist: Dave Kushner (Velvet Revolver)

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Damn, i dunno, this could change so often, but right now itd probably be :

Vocals: Chris Cornell (Just to be different )

Guitar: Slash

Bass: Flea

Drums: Dave Grohl

Rhythm: I woulda prolly said Izzy, but damn, i aint sure.......... i guess ill go with Gem Archer, seems pretty solid ;)

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Vocals, Piano: Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses)

Lead And Rhythm Guitars: Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)

Rhythm And Lead Guitars, Vocals: Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones)

Bass: Simon Gallup (The Cure)

Drums: Keith Moon (The Who)

Would be too cool

No Beatles here, for the first time

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lead - cory taylor - slipknot

guitar 1 - slash - velvet revolver

guitar 2 izzy stradlin

drums - lars ulrich - metallica


That band would sound pretty much like ...And Justice For All .

Anyways, mine:

Vocals: Chris Cornell

Lead Guitar: Slash

Rythm Guitar: Pepper Keenan

Bass: Flea

Drums: Dave Grohl.

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Id go for

Voice-Glenn Danzig, Danzig

Bass-Joey DeMiao, Manowar

Lead Guitar- Herman Li, DragonForce

2nd Lead Guitar- Alexi Something, Children Of Bodom

Drums- No One, Id Have a drum machine.

Entertainment- Gene Simmons, Kiss.

Guitarists would both be lead, crazy solos for all!

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Vocals, Piano: Axl Rose (or Freddie Mercury,maybe one of them is playing piano,one is performing B) )

Leadguitars: Slash, Buckethead, Brian May

Bassguitar: Duff "Rose" McKagan

Rythm Guitars: Izzy Stradlin and Dave Kushner

Drum: John Bonham

Geez! :o:P

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metal band:

vocals - rob halford (judas priest)

lead guitar - randy rhoads (ozzy)

rhythm guitar/backing vocals - james hetfield(metallica)

bass - geezer butler(sabbath)

drums - dave lombardo(slayer)

classic (70s) rock:

lead vocals - jim morrison(the doors)

lead/rhythm guitar - jimi hendrix(experience)

rhythm/lead guitar - jimmy page(zeppelin)

bass - geddy lee(rush)

drums - keith moon (the who)

forgive my choices of bass players in the top two bands if they dont seem to fit i drew a complete blank trying to think them up

(good) punk - this band would go onstage and murder bands like blink 182, good charlotte new greenday etc

vocals - glen danzig(misfits)

lead guitar - johnny ramone(ramones)

bass - sid vicious (sex pistols)

drums - d.h. peligro (dead kennedys)

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:lol: Really, my dream bands would be totally kickass!


Lead Vocals: Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra

Guitar: Stevie Ray Vaughan

Guitar:Carlos Santana

Keyboard: Steve Walsh

Bass: Rick James

Drums: Who cares...


Lead Vocals: Robert Plant, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan

Lead Guitar: Slash and Jimi Hendrix

Rythym Guitar: Bob Dylan

Bass: Roger Waters

Drums: Bonham

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Ok well i'll go for a band here that will dominate all.

Vocals/Harmonica- Robert Plant

Lead Guitar- Slash

Lead Guitar- Brian May

Rhythm Guitar- Malcolm Young

Bass/Vocals- Roger Waters

Vocals/Piano- Axl Rose

Drums/Percussion- Neil Peart

Drums- John Bonham

Can you say, classic rock Slipknot?

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