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new CKY

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has anyone heard it? I just stole... i mean downloaded it and it's really good. I was never really into this band beyond seeing them open for gn'r in 2002, but being the bam margera fan i am now, i decided to check them out.

this is a really, REALLY good listen in my opinion. it's really catchy and easy to hum along with, but musically it's like... the guitars sound like fuzzy, electronic, distortion-peddle cool noise... yeah. and the solos are really neat because they are kind of peculiarly high-pitched and they sound like they are trying to talk to you...

anyone else ever into this band?

if you're going to download or check any of their stuff out, i'd suggest "suddenly tragic," or "the way you lived," or "all power to slaves," but truly all songs on the cd are enjoyable, likable listens.

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cky are my all time favorite band, I've made a couple threads about them and the new album a while ago. If the only stuff you've heard by them is the new album, definatley check out IDR and Vol.1. Great stuff. Vol. 1 is more raw and heavy. Also, if you are just getting into them listen to Triple Manic State. Great song.I could go on for hours, but I won't.

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I don't own this damn album yet :( I've been looking around here and can't find it, so I guess I'll order from Amazon or something. Nothing quite like having the CD with the booklet, artwork and stuff.

Alos. Buy both IDR and Volume 1. Unless you're diehard don't buy Volume 2, despite it having some good songs such as Shippensburg and Genesis 12A (I think this was made into a Foreign Objects song?).


P.S They're 1 of my favourite bands of all time. got me into Rock music :kiss:

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