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Brides of Destruction

Anagram Of Oral Sex

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I just got the time to check out the album and I like it. They have a few great tunes but my favorite would have to be "Life" it stands out on the album and sorta reminds me of a slightly harder U2 song. Lots of great solos my faovrite would be the "Only Get So Far" one which is also a great tune.

The punkish edge to 'shut the fuck up" is also pretty cool.

Im starting to really like this band.

I like London LeGrands vocals a lot he can do a lot voice range and scream wise, and the bands back up vocals really adds a lot at times.

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brides are fuckin wicked!! the whole album is just awesome! i saw them live with nikki sixx they kicked ass

They have a new album out later this year (August September time) with a new line-up. (No Nikki Sixx, Some guy from the Wildhearts on bass and another guitarist whose name escapes me.)

yes they do have a new album coming out this fall however its not really a new lineup, just a bass change...nikki sixx is out and scott sorry from AMEN is in...the guy who your referring to from the wildhearts was the second guitarist they brought in, ginger, however he left the band after only being with them for a very short time

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I've been listening to this album for a long time,I like Shut the Fuck up,the guitar solo is incredible,I think Only Get So Far is an awesome tune,that radio totally overlooked,I've always said if 3 Doors Down,or Nickelback would have released that song,it would have been overplayed on the radio.I also think that the song I Don't Care has a certain kind of GN'R flavor to it.Not saying London sounds like Axl,but just the style of the song,reminds me of something you might have heard on Appetite for Destruction.

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