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albums you're afraid to listen to

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here's the scenerio:

are there any albums in your life that you are reluctant to go back and listen to because you maybe used to listen to it a lot, and now maybe going back and revisting would be too weird and remind you too much of that time in your life? you know what i mean?

for me, i mainly hold back on listening to some albums i haven't heard in a while because they bring me back like, too, too much to a time that was either awesome/shitty and it's too weird.

until tonight: "dance of death" - iron maiden.

anybody know what i mean? have any music like that?

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Well not an album but a song- Good Riddance by Greenday reminds me of my ex. He used to play it to me and all I think of is him playing and singing it to me and it makes me sad.

I also cant really listen to Iron Maiden self titled cuz the day I bought that CD my cat died.

Erm yes painful memories :(

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Guest katie

i can't listen to i know it's over as it reminds me of something that happened too much.

i can't listen to estranged by GnR either as i used to listen to it alot two years ago when i was having some troubles and did some bad things and it takes me back there

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Guest gnr>everything
Also the Doors song: Riders on the storm, used to scare me when I was a kid, and it still gives me the creeps.


That song haunts me! I heard it somewhere and it kinda freaked me out, and whenever I hear it I can't think of where I first heard it and it just kinda fraks me out...idk kinda bizarre

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