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Animals vs Wish You Were Here


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Guest gnr>everything

Both are very great albums, but I'll take WYWH. I also bought both on the same day and listened to them nonstop for a while. Animals has "Dogs" and "Sheep", but the first and last songs are basically the same and both very short, while WYWH on the other hand has "SOYCD 1 and 2" which are both long and different. Then the middle 3 tracks are amazing. Some of the best lyrics ever. "Have A Cigar" is one of my favorite songs ever.

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Guest gnr>everything
Actualy Pigs On The Wing was originaly one song. The parts were seperated by a guitar solo. They just decided to cut it in two on the album, and leave out the guitar part. Just like they did with SOYCD.


Also, about Wish You Were Here

Originally, the album was to consist of three songs that the band had been playing live over the previous two years: "Shine On", "Raving and Drooling" and "Gotta be Crazy". "Shine On" was preserved as "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", Roger Waters decided to drop the other two, which later became "Dogs" and "Sheep" on the Animals album.

from wikipedia.

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Animals is Pink Floyd at their best i reakon.

it combines the long epics of their early work, with the outstanding lyrics of Dark side, and the dark themes of what was later to be The Wall.

Though it was a Waters dominated album, all the other members perform some of their best pieces ever on it, Wright and Gilmour are amazing on it, and Roger's vocal tone is chilling.

Wish You Where Here is a great album, but is no wherer near as good as Animals.

WWYH has always seemed the weakest to me out of the "big 4" albums.

While Animals is problery just my favourite album of all time by a hairs breadth over The Wall.

Pink Floyd made the best albums ever, and that is fact.

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I'd also be struggling to make a decision between the two.

Pink Floyd, in their present form, have always turned their backs on Animals, however, I think it's still one of their best.

There are some fantastic riffs a plenty on that album and I've always loved the lyrics in "Sheep".

Wish you were here is also tremendous...

...hmm... I think I like it better... and it has a great cover (i.e. the two dudes - who were stuntmen, amusingly enough - shaking hands).

Both great albums.... but, Wish You Were Here wins!


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